New Laws That May Interest You

Many new laws take affect on July 1st.   Here are some from the 2016 Legislative Session that may interest you: 

Health Care Access

*    Kansas joined a physician licensure compact that will increase healthcare options in rural areas, and allow doctors from out of state to start practicing in Kansas with less red tape. It expands tele-medicine options for rural areas.

*    Doctors and dentists will have the option to earn continuing education credits by delivering charity health care to low-income patients. 

*   In January, midwives will be able to deliver new babies without the supervision of a physician, which greatly expands their practice options and ability to serve women in rural areas.

Public Safety 

*    Minors who send nude photos of themselves to other minors are now treated differently in the criminal code than pedophiles, a much needed modernization of criminal law.

*    It is now a crime to use a drone as a stalking or harassment device.

*    There will be 75 new troopers joining the Kansas Highway Patrol.


 *     Kansans can now choose to donate a portion of their income tax refund to their local school district.

 *    Beginning in January, teachers, staff, and administrators in school districts will be required to undergo a two-hour suicide prevention training.

 *    Parents and students now have access to a degree prospectus program that gives an overview of what to expect from their educational investment.

 *    After the legislature worked in special session to prevent the Supreme Court from closing schools, education funding has again set an all new record high, breaking the previous record from last year.

Property Taxes 

 *     Beginning in January, voters will have a direct voice in proposed property tax increases over the rate of inflation. 


 *     Legislative committee hearings will be streamed online beginning in January.

 *   The names of lawyers who vote on members of the Supreme Court Nominating Commission will now be open to the public.

 *     The names of applicants who apply for district court and court of appeals positions will now be available under the Kansas Open Records Act.

 *     Official government business conducted in private email is now available under the Kansas Open Records Act.