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  • My daughter was a page for you years ago (Emma Barth) and loved the experience! My youngest daughter would like to do the same. She’s 6th grade, 11 years old. At what age can she volunteer? I was thinking it was 7th grade? Thank you so much!
  • Would you be able to direct me to a site that lists the locations/times of upcoming town hall events with Willie Dove?
  • I am totally against a tax proposal that keeps 2.7%, has a second rate of 5.25% and adds a third rate of 5.45%! They would be asking us to pick up the tab for the 330,000 business owners who don’t pay a dime. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! This proposal appear in The Star on 11 February. Tax booze, cigarettes until these 330,000 business owners have to pay THEIR FAIR SHARE! PERIOD!!!
  • You are pro-life and you carry a gun?
  • Hey Willie, I’m sorry I missed the fundraiser last week! I want to make a contribution but can’t find an address to mail a check to. Can you help? Thanks!
  • I am needing yard signs please!!!
  • Did anyone ever get the address??
  • Can you please let me know the address of your campaign committee? My company would like to contribute and need the address for our records. Thank you!
  • Rex H. Templin would be honored to receive a letter of congratulations on being awarded his Eagle Scout to be acknowledged on 8/23/15 at an Eagle Court of Honor at the De Soto VFW at 3:00. Please also consider this an invitation.